PUMA Mobium Elite shoe is a performance trainer

ImageGlobal sportlifestyle brand PUMA launched a new-to-market category of performance running—Adaptive Running™—with the introduction of the Mobium Elite shoe.


PUMA Mobium Elite is a performance trainer that expands and contracts as the foot moves. Rooted in anatomy and inspired by nature, PUMA Mobium Elite is the product of two years intense design and development based on how the foot moves.  Considering that the foot expands in three directions, longitudinally, laterally and vertically, PUMA’s innovative footwear adapts with the body in motion, encouraging a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike.


Louis Joseph, Director Strategy and Innovation discusses the technological innovation behind PUMA Mobium:  “PUMA’s sport innovations have always focused on provocative, risk-taking ideas aimed at enhancing the athlete experience.  In the case of the Mobium Elite, PUMA has combined performance research with imagination to produce an entirely new class of running footwear.  Developed with the vision of creating dynamic products that move with the human body in motion, the Mobium Elite represents the premier model within PUMA’s new Adaptive Running collection.  Designed to expand and contract with the foot’s changing shape during the gait cycle, the Mobium Elite is a first generation concept built to challenge the conventional standard of static footwear construction.  Incorporating a host of patent pending technologies, we are excited by the prospects of the Mobium Elite trainer and believe that Adaptive Running is a breakthrough proposition with transformational potential.”


PUMA Mobium Elite’s Mobium Band is constructed to enhance the foot’s natural spring.  Running through the outsole in a “figure eight” it’s designed to work dynamically like the tendons in the foot.  The more force applied, the more spring it returns.


Meanwhile, the ‘Windlass Chassis’ is built to mimic the Windlass Effect of a foot’s expansion and contraction as it moves. This sculpted arch creates a platform for the foot in movement, helping the foot transition through the full running gait. Mobium’s upper and outsole works in unison with the Windlass Chassis, so that the entire shoe moves the way the foot naturally does.

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World Water Day 22March Stresses on Equitable Access to Water

ImageAccess to adequate water supply is not only a fundamental need but also the most fundamental human right. Water being the basic necessity to sustain life and overall development, it has far-reaching effects from households to industries.2013 being the year for water cooperation this world water day stresses on equitable access to water. With the World Water Day soon approaching (22nd March, 2013), we must look toward an equitable access to clean drinking water and sanitation which is of fundamental importance to health. This world water day, being celebrated on 22nd March 2013, let’s dive deeper into the importance of access to portable water. As put in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water”


The paucity of clean water for domestic use has led to the increase in the number of deaths in both the urban and rural parts of developing economies. And India is no different. Women and children spend millions of hours each year fetching water. The chore diverts their time from other important activities (for example attending school, caring for children, participating in the economy, relaxation). For each $1 invested, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates returns of $3 – $34, depending on the region and technology.


The WHO says that the lack of access to clean water and sanitation kills children at a rate equivalent of a jumbo jet crashing every four hours.  . Together they account for approximately one in six deaths among children younger than five years. Of India’s more than 2.3 million annual deaths among children, about 334 000 are attributable to diarrhoeal diseases.


In a recent report released in 2012 on the Progress of Drinking Water and Sanitation by the UNICEF – Children under five represent 90 per cent of all deaths caused by diarrheal diseases. 2 In 2011, more children under the age of five died in India than anywhere else in the world. That’s 1.7 million children – over 4,650 child deaths a day – according report by the United Nations Children’s Fund. India stands out for the prevalence of diarrhea as a killer of infants. Diarrhea was responsible for 13% of child deaths in India in 2010 – the second-highest rate after Afghanistan across the globe.


Globally, improving water, sanitation and hygiene has the potential to prevent at least 9.1 per cent of the disease burden, or 6.3 per cent of all deaths.


Principal transmission routes of disease

  • Water based disease transmission by drinking contaminated water is responsible for significant outbreaks of faecal-oral diseases such as cholera and typhoid and include diarrhoea, viral hepatitis A, cholera, dysentery and dracunculiasis (Guineaworm disease)


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Know what you Eat During Pregnancy

ImageConceiving a baby may be a common occurrence, but it is by no means ordinary. The fact that one living person can give life to another is, by definition, extraordinary. Given the complexity of conception, healthy eating and nutrition is one of the most important factors that a woman should focus on.

During pregnancy, a woman’s nutrition directly influences the course of, fetal development, and the long-term health of the mother and child.

Eating well shouldn’t stop the moment your baby arrives. In fact, you’ll be expending a lot of energy just looking after your baby! And if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need a healthy post pregnancy diet that will  help you to recover quickly from your baby’s birth.


Once you bring this new life into this world, the responsibilities in feeding both you and the child will be a new found burden. Are you doing it right? Let our Baby Nutrition Experts guide you through this beautiful journey. This journey begins the moment you start thinking about a baby. Let’s take this journey together.


What you eat or don’t eat is crucial to your overall well-being and reproductive health. Getting pregnant is a complex process, one that requires many different body organs and glands to function properly. Most people don’t get the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables and water. This is very basic, but it’s crucial to in order to help increase your fertility and your chances of getting pregnant more quickly. At Qua Nutrition we advise you on diets and supplements that will help infuse a fresh breathe of life into you.


Now that you’re a mum-to-be, you need to fine tune your eating habits to ensure that you have a balanced and healthy diet. If your diet was poor to begin with, it is even more important to make the transition to eating delicious, nutritious, well-balanced meals. You will probably have everyone advising you to eat for two but the truth is that the average woman does not need any extra calories for the first six months of pregnancy and only about 200 extra calories per day for the last three months.


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Tips of how to keep kidney healthy

ImageDr. Vandana Mathur, PhD (Nutrition), Consulting Nutritionist, Metropolis Healthcare Limited

We’ve all heard tales of excruciating kidney rocks or a painful kidney or bladder infection, which, if neglected, can turn into sepsis that pervades the body system and cause substantial harm. Often, we do not pay much attention to kidney health until there is a problem.


“Prevention is better than cure”, and prevention lies in including a few management tips in your health routine like-


1) Limit the perform on the kidney: You can action this by making certain changes in the diet plan to lower poisons. This ensures that the kidney eliminates the dangerous, spend substances from the blood vessels as well as expels it out from the body system through urination. In the course of your day, the entire blood vessels in the body system gets strained more than 20-25 times. For this reason, it’s essential that you decrease the perform on the kidney.


2) Consume plenty of fluids: Do you wonder why is it important to have 8-10 glasses of water per day? Imagine a tank with low water levels. It may look dry, dusty, or shallow, with many objects bobbing on the surface that otherwise might be carried off downstream. This grim image is a picture of your bloodstream and kidney system when you do not drink enough fluids. Although the kidney system act as more of a narrow than a tank, dangerous toxins can build up if there isn’t enough water stress to push them through to the bladder for excretion.


3) Eat cleansing foods: Fruits and veggies help the kidney system eliminate unwanted acidity from the body system and excrete it in urine. Meals that contain antioxidants can help prevent harm to cells caused by free-radicals in the body system.


a. Egg whites provide proteins, inclusion to being the finest quality of proteins with all the important aminoacids with less phosphorus than other sources of proteins such as egg yolk or meats.


b. Cabbage- Great in complement K, complement C and roughage, clothes is also an outstanding resource of complement B6 and complement b folic acidity. Low in blood potassium and low in cost, it’s an affordable inclusion to the kidney eating plan.


c. Red gong peppers- Red sweet peppers are low in blood potassium. This tasty veggie is also full of lycopene, complement C and complement A, as well as complement B6, complement b folic acidity and roughage.


d. Grapes – are an outstanding choice for detoxifying the kidney system as they help to flush out unwanted the crystals from the system.


e. Cranberries -contain an important nutrient and antioxidant known as proanthocyanidin. They are also rich in quinine, which converts to a substance known as hippuric acidity that helps to eliminate dangerous toxins from the body system.


4) Mineral magnesium vitamin Intake: Due to hypertension and toxic overload when magnesium vitamin is deficient, kidney function can be largely affected. To ensure that your human is getting enough magnesium vitamin, which keeps the kidney system functioning well, make sure you eat as many dark vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains.


5) Cut the Salt, sodium and protein: The body system spends a lot of energy eliminating unnecessary things like unwanted proteins, sodium and even water. The kidney system being the body’s narrow in removing spend will have to keep working more complicated if any of these are absorbed in unwanted. Salt is important in maintaining fluid balance, but if it is absorbed in unwanted and then not properly filtered out in someone with a kidney disease, it can cause hypertension and may cause to cardiac problems. Kidney malfunction may also occur if it has to handle unwanted proteins (more than 1 gm. / kg of body system weight), as they have to keep working more complicated to eliminate the blood vessels urea nitrogen from the body system. Drinking too much water when it’s not needed also puts extra stress on kidney system and can cause to kidney harm.


6) Calcium mineral mineral supplements: The Kidney performs an important role in calcium mineral supply in the body system. Up on reduced calcium consumption, a hormonal is actually released. This hormonal in conjunction with complement D encourages release of calcium through bones which is saturated up from the intestine. However though, kidney is actually actively involved in staying away from osteoporosis, unwanted calcium mineral in kidney rocks. As a result you must have an organic eating plan that is full of calcium and to prevent products unless informed to do so by a competent physician.

Renal Friendly Recipe for World Kidney Day

Dr. Vandana Mathur, PhD (Nutrition), Consulting Nutritionist, Metropolis Healthcare Limited


Vegetable Patties

Portions: 6


Serving size: 2 cutlets


1 cup grated carrots

2 glasses grated cabbage

2 glasses france legumes, chopped

1/4 tsp. salt

1 tsp. cumin powder

1 tsp. red chili powder

1/2 cup all-purpose white flour

4 brown breads slices

o Sliced cilantro leaves


1/2 tsp. calcium juice

1 1/2 tablespoons veggie oil



o Steam clothes and green legumes in a pan. When half prepared, add the chopped france legumes and cook until completely done.


o When cool, add spices, flour and breads pieces (soaked in water and drained by squeezing between the palms), cilantro results in and the calcium juice.


o Make 12 balls and flatten each into a patty (the size of a small burger).


o Warm a pot over medium heat. Add the oil and place patties in the pot, two or three at a time without crowding.


o Flip patties over when prepared, about 2-3 minutes on each side. Serve hot.


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Spring and Summer Make Up Trends

ImageIt’s a chance to get excellent for summer time season season. Though it seems a thousand kilometers away, it will not be long before the sun is out and we’re thinking about our summer time look. If you are already preparing your yearly holiday and considering your clothing collection options, here are the hot elegance styles that will complete your look this season. When it comes to cosmetics and elegance this year, the phrase is convenience. Even though the year’s products include a lot of charm, elegance styles are easy.

Hair is soft, streaming and natural rather than ultra-styled. Makeup is less restless. Here are the styles that are in this year.




In: Normally formed eyebrows. They are the in thing this year. Since this year convenience is the key term, therefore eyebrows that are not far too twee zed, formed are in need.


Out: Insanely curved eyebrows.




In: Use Less heavy eyelash. This year go a bit easy on the eyelash. One good actual cover of brownish or dark mascara is all you will need. It’s just not about unwanted this year.




In: Go for UV shades like light red, blue for your eyes!! They are very inn shades for this season.

Out: A lot of mascara. It’ll be back, but for now, keep it easy.





In: Cherry red mouth. A actual, red lip color shade looks fantastic on everyone.

Out: Powerful light red lips: Hot light red seems too young to take off fall’s more mature style.



In: Allowing freckles show. This year put away your base and use only the sheerest gently colored lotion to even your complexion.

Out: Protecting up. Concealing your fairly epidermis goes against everything



In: Powerful delicious chocolate fingernail enhance. Claws make a powerful declaration this fall, so go for deep-toned enhance, such as delicious chocolate brownish colors, deep burgundies and fluorescent colors.


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How to Apply Mineral Make Up

ImageMineral makeup is the best solution for those who want to look natural while wearing makeup or who wish to go for natural makeup made from nutrient pigmentation and natural plant ingredients. Mineral make-up is really excellent for delicate and acne-prone epidermis as it does not contain severe substances. The nutrients are non- comedogenic so they do not block up the skin pores but instead let the epidermis take in. Don’t Worry over ruined makeups as Geeta Singh, Elegance and makeup Expert, ASPARA- Luxury medical care centre; has come to your aid with tips on Mineral Makeup at home.


1. Wash that Dirt:  You want your experience to be a clear and sleek fabric for you, the “artist,” to do your art. Use a excellent deep-cleansing mask. Do not scrub if you have greasy or delicate epidermis. It will spread bacteria around your experience from the already current imperfections. Use anti-bacterial experience wash if you have pimples.

2. Moisturize it All: We all have been learning that the first thing to makeup is to first moisturize your epidermis well, so moisturize your experience no matter what type of epidermis you have to prevent dry blotchy looking epidermis. This will help greasy epidermis dry, and dry epidermis become better. Wait a few moments for the wetness to relax into your epidermis.

3. Thin Layers:  Always how to implement makeup in thin levels as you do not want your epidermis to look blotched up or caked up, two thin levels of makeup is usually sufficient.

4. Mineral Foundation: Select base which suits your complexion, use more of  fairly neutral and natural shades on older epidermis, as it gives a fresh overall look. Always use a professional Kabuki sweep or a huge experience sweep for implementing the base, swirl a bit of it onto the sweep and tap the excess returning. Use it with short, feathery downwards swings or mild groups over your entire experience. Leave it to set for a few moments, Avoid implementing too intensely to reduce the overall look of collections.

5. Mineral Eye Shadow: Select Your shade according to the occasion and use the eye shadow. Swirl the darkness onto your sweep and implement as required, you will find that the nutrient dark areas slide on magnificently. Be creative and mix-match your nutrient makeup to create your own shades. Glide on your mineral’s glimmers for an extra shiny impact.

6. Mineral Blush: Use a fan sweep or impact sweep and collect shade from the lid; use mild, feathery swings in the direction of the apple of your face & returning towards your hair line.

7. Mineral Brow Dust: Apply the brow dust with a The multiple Shadow Lining sweep, using the tilted end to implement and then ease with the brush’s end, it can be used wet or dry. For a older looking epidermis, keep the eyebrows curved as this will give the overall look of a facelift. Using brow dust gives a smoother and more natural look. Don’t use brow pens as this would create the collections appear severe.

8. Mineral Bronzer: Apply the nutrient bronzer to any part of the system as desired, particularly the sun-kissed areas of your system such as the tip of your nasal area, temple and shoulder area, implement shade by using the fan brush.

9. Body Shimmer: Apply the shine with a huge dust sweep to the throat range to create an even overall tone fixing with your experience to throat and chest area.

10. Mineral Setting Powder: This is the last phase to your full-proof makeup, implement the setting dust all over your experience, use the fan sweep or huge dust sweep for a beautiful silky sleek he finish impact to combination all the wrinkles. Simply dust the dust all over the experience, paying particular attention to face, nasal area and T-zone. Apply lip-line & lip stick afterwards for a finished impact.

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Control your anger by eating specific foods

ImageDo you find yourself dropping tolerance very often or getting upset for small things?? Then you need to take a look into your diet…

Believe it or not, consuming particular meals at certain periods of the day can actually help keep your feelings in examine. Just like some meals can help keep you aware, others can help relaxed you down. The right meals impact your primary system to help even out glucose levels, hypertension level, and even chemicals that deliver alerts to the mind.


If you are dropping your self-control in the morning, you are likely suffering from on-going stress, which means that your human is working with significant oxidative harm. Supplement C is one of our most highly effective anti-oxidants. One cup of kiwi fruit gives you a highly effective anti-oxidant increase with more than 100% of the RDA of vitamin C. And 1 method kiwi fruits (80 gm) has only 46 calorie consumption, so you can couple it with a low-fat curd and a tbsp of nuts


Midday meltdowns are often the result of low glucose levels, so by the afternoon meal you need to eat something that is going to bring your glucose levels back into a healthy (and happy) variety, without it failing later on. Barley is a whole feed that has an awesome impact on blood sugar, maintaining it stable for hours. Eating a cup of prepared barley a few periods per weeks time is enough to help keep your feelings in examine.


Capsaicin is the substance that makes hot sweet peppers “hot.” When you eat hot sweet peppers, your system reacts to the get rid of of the warm by launching hormones. Getting an endorphin increase at night will help clear out end of day stress and keep you in a good feelings before bed.

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