Every female in India has faced harassment

ImageWith the recent incident of a five year old child being raped in Delhi, women are questioning the existence of any possible law and order in the country. And most importantly almost every citizen is casting doubts on the country’s efforts to develop its handling of sexual assaults, simply four months after the nation was aghast by the rape and murder of a young medical student in a moving bus. The incident gave way to an uproarious outburst amongst the men and women, to no vail until the next incident which shook the country yet again!

We realise, the real beauty lies in not attracting the beasty but in driving away the beastly offenders. Beauty is what makes a beast a human being, perhaps this is a thing of the past, of the mythological era!

The recent incident had this beautiful young child left helpless to the brutality of a human beast. The criminal in question, rented an apartment in Delhi where he held the girl captive for days before neighbours were alerted by cries from inside the apartment. This spiteful man had kidnapped, raped and attempted to murder the innocent little girl who many would say had barely learn to speak. The horrific attempts to cause her internal injuries have left the nation baffled over the intentions of such men. So much so that only last month the parliament passed legislation to overhaul the country’s criminal code, has not bettered or made any changes whatsoever! Every woman is now questioning why a man would cross the line of decency to turn into a beast in human disguise, notwithstanding the tears, bruises, the blood on the innocent little beauty.

Often the politicians have commented and made allegations on the dented & painted or provocatively dressed women to not move out of their homes after sun dawn or the fact that girls should not move out openly with their boyfriends. They sure aren’t in favour of young beautiful women, but what about a five year old girl who is not even aware of her body, clothing or emerged into herself. We have heard out our so called politicians, all of this time and again, but instead of playing the blame game or pointing fingers at our women, why doesn’t the government just ban such beastly men and their gruesome acts of violence on fairer sex. The result for such criminal offence should be nothing but death penalty.

With this recent brutal rape of the tiny tot and the government’s failed attempt to tackle the rape crimes in the country, every girl is moving around with a sense of insecurity and terror in her mind. To make matters worse instead of bringing about justice, pursuing the case or beefing up the conditions, the police tries to hush up the case by offering money to the parents of the victim.  With such incidents happening at regular intervals, the youth of the country is beginning to question the evil side of some of its ill-literate men and the result of sparking a nationwide outrage to scream for justice time and again.

After all such sick incidents, it leaves us women, nothing by shocked and anguished at the sexual assault and its aftermath. The capital city has tarnished its image with the tremendous number of assaults by the so called migrants or worthless animals into the city.

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Home Remedies for Pimples and Acne

ImagePimples, acne, dark spots, zits are nightmares that have been haunting me ever since my first breakout at 16 and I’m sure this nightmare is shared by many out there. I educated myself about pimples, their chief causes and remedies and found that the best treatments of acne can be found within the four walls of your kitchen. Atleast that’s what the internet told me.

Milk, besan and haldi: Messy, sticky and smelly and Inconvenient to apply every day. However prolonged use will get rid of pimples and will give you a glow. However, wash this off well to get rid of the strong smell of milk.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is known to cure pimple and pimple scars. This gel is not smelly or sticky and is in fact very cooling. However, it did not do much in my case.

Egg whites: Egg whites may be applied as it is to lighten, soften and cool the skin. Beware of the smell though. Make sure you wash off every trace of it.

Toothpaste: Leaving a dab of toothpaste on the pimples overnight is a very common method. However, all this does is, speeds up the drying process of the pimples. Even though the pimple and its redness disappears, the horrible black mark remains.

Potatoes: I read somewhere that rubbing raw potatoes on your face acts like a bleach to get rid of marks. This didn’t help at all.

Oats: I began eating oats as it was supposed to absorb excess oil. It didn’t help my pimples much but made for a healthy breakfast.

Popping: Eventually I gave up and began to feel that if I have to chose between the pain and marks of the pimples, I’d rather chose the marks. So I began popping them. This increased my pimples, their pain and the marks became darker and redder.

Cucumber: Applying and eating these cools the body. Great summer food and cure for dark circles. Once again, didn’t help me on the pimple front.

Tomato: Causes a tingling sensation and gets rid of tans. This was one of the few methods that helped my pimples.



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Beauty Secrets Around The World

ImageTribal women around the world seem to naturally posses an exotic beauty that artists and designers struggle to create artificially.  Much of this striking beauty comes from age old beauty practices that tribes from different countries follow. Here’s a look at some of them.


It is a common practice in Greece to use olive oil in their bathing water, as a scrub, moisturizer and hair conditioner. Greek yoghurt is also used to treat skin burns.


Tribes in Fiji use sugarcane. They mix the sugarcane juice with a little turmeric powder and apply as a face peel. They believe that it reduces aging as well as prevents tanning.

Central America

In this part of the world the tomato juice is used by tribes to retain the freshness of the skin. And, as we all know tomato also has the property to block the open pores of skin.


The Japanese believe that a porcelain white skin complexion is essential for beauty. A lot of this comes naturally from their diet consisting of fish, Vitamin C rich Azuki beans, oranges, spinach, wakame kelp, komenuka rice bran, green tea et cetera.

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Hair care Misconceptions Busted!

ImageI’ve always reliable my elegance salon woman for guidance on hair. Many of us do that. But how much of what they tell us is true? Some of us are led to believe typical old wives’ stories about hair and elegance but you will be stunned to know that most of these are just myths. Incorrect information can be as bad as dry hair and hair fall! These are some of those myths I’ve broken.


Brushing your Hair 100 times creates it shine

I considered and did this consistently every evening before going to bed until it instantly dawned on me that it made no feeling. Unless your hair sweep has wonderful sparkle in it, cleaning too much will not create your hair shine. It actually creates it boring, broken and more vulnerable to cunt finishes. To add to it, it gives you a side ache!


Frequent reducing creates hair grow faster

This is something your elegance salon woman will tell you just to create you come returning more often. The truth is that development of hir is identified by way of life, atmosphere, diet program, testosterone etc. Regular reducing will however get rid of divided finishes and is excellent for the overall health of hair.


Change your hair shampoo and refresher every few several weeks to see excellent results

Your hair cannot comprehend the distinction between or get ‘used to’ a certain item. There are two the reason why your hair items are displaying outcomes. One could be the accumulation of remains from the hair items over time on your hair. This can be avoided by using a making clear hair shampoo once every two to three several weeks. Another reason could be that your hair items are simply not best for your type of hair. Research with different manufacturers and items and once you find your ideal hair shampoo and refresher, adhere to it.


Comb your hair when it is wet to prevent frizz

I did this too only to get noticable that it improves hair loss. Wet hair is usually smooth and poor. Brushing it at this level can create it crack, cause divided finishes and the rubbing can cause harm. To create sure that your hair is controllable and tangle free when dry, carefully run through a extensive teeth hair comb in your hair when it is wet.


Mend divided finishes with the right products

Once a string of hair is divided, the only thing that can be a part of it returning it a pipe of adhesive. No item can fix divided finishes though many can prevent them. If you have divided finishes, go for a cut to get rid of split ends.


Plucking out one greyish hair creates 5 develop back

This is something we’re used to listening to from our grandma and grandpa is not it? The truth is that hair is like any other regular string of hair and is a organic incident. If you tweeze out one, one will come returning. However, if you pull it out, it may harm the hair string.


Coloring loss hair

This one is as excellent as a superstition. Using the right items and using them according to training will create sure that shading does not harm your hair. Some shading therapies even offer additional training.


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Know Ideas of How to do Nude Makeup

ImageBy Brush Strokes by Nidhi 


For Nude Makeup we should always start with primer and most importantly use mascara in first and last.


  Depending up on your skin tone, use peach undertone; for Fair skin as it gives the face a nice freshness and healthiness. For medium complexions, pinks add warmth & give more romantic feel. Choose caramels for darker skin tones.


For a beautiful and natural effect, you should choose your foundation according to your natural skin tone. The colour shouldn’t be too dark, as it doesn’t look obvious next to the shade of your neck. Choose a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone and apply to the rounded parts of your face: cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin and forehead.

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Maintain your ideal body weight

ImageBy-Dr. Atul N.C .Peters, Director of Institute of Bariatric, Metabolic and Minimal Access Surgery, Fortis Hospital

Eat Right and Light

A well balanced meal is recommended which would include daily intake of foods from all the food groups. Whole grain cereals will provide the required energy, milk products, chicken, fish, egg & pulses will provide the desired amount of proteins, fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals we need.
Try eating five to six small meals a day, and don’t go more than three or four hours without eating.
Your goal is the opposite of the starvation approach to dieting — you want to trick your body into feeling satisfied and well-fed at all times, though the total amount you’re eating is less.

Maintain your ideal body weight
When it comes to burning calories, it’s a fairly simple equation. What goes in must be burned off, or it sticks to our ribs. Acquiring weight is absurdly easy — eating just 100 extra calories a day (100 more than what your body burns) will lead to a nine- to ten-pound weight gain over the course of a year, experts say. How much is 100 calories? Not a lot: A can of Coke contains 155 calories, a chocolate bar more than 200. Of course, that cola or chocolate chip cookie is no problem if we’re walking or running it off. But after 40, our activity level tends to decline, too. So the challenge is to bring the two into balance. As we grow older our BMR slows down due to a loss in muscle tissue but also due to hormonal and neurological changes.

But if you are have tried everything to burn the flab it would be advised to visit a Bariatric surgeon and know more about Bariatric(Obesity) surgery, as this surgery can help you not just lose weight but can also help you resolve your other Metabolic problems such a Type II Diabetes, High blood pressure, sleep apnea and joint pains etc.

Increase body and health awareness
We tend to over look our body’s early warning signals like sudden weight loss or gain feeling cold all the time or having hot flushes, poor circulation in the hands and feet, clammy hands, irregular urine flow, tiredness and lethargy, hair loss etc, but it is very vital for all to get a regular health check up done post 40 so that if we have any unidentified medical problems we can diagnose them and treat them timely. A body fat analysis is also recommended time to time, which will help you analysis the fat stores in the body and make you aware about your BMI( body mass index). We should believe that prevention is better than cure.

Exercise regularly
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