Rupee fall brings more cosmetic surgery tourists

Rupee fall brings more cosmetic surgery tourists

Rupee fall brings more cosmetic surgery tourists

The rupee devaluation has turned to be a boon for healthcare travel and leisure as variety of and also the is arriving to Native indian for various cosmetic surgery . They come in for liposuction procedures, nose reshaping, locks surgery, throat techniques, grin surgery treatment and drooping eyelids. The low price is gaining them to visit Native indian and get the desired operations done.

The surgical treatment industry in Native indian is estimated to be around Rs.240 crore and in improving at 40% yearly. And with rupee rapidly declining each day, the industry is improving extreme measures over the period. The drop in rupee might have been a bad news for almost all of us but the healthcare travel and leisure is seeing a an explosion even in this downfall. As the rupee continues to plunge, more and more sufferers from overseas are arriving to Native indian to go under the blade for a complex surgery treatment at cost-effective rates. Since the rupee has lost its shine, the nation has attracted close to one million international sufferers last season and the variety is improving this season too, going by the increase in the variety of inquiries made. With surgical treatment becoming popular in Native indian and overseas more and more variety of individuals are prepared to go under the blade to improve their features. Having been one of the innovative nations with the certified physicians operating on the operations,

Native indian ranked on four in the list of top five nations among the variety of individuals going for operations. And with the rupee recession the operations price has also been cost-effective for the foreigners. Commenting on the growing numbers of and also the and NRIs rushing to Native indian for surgical treatment, Sanjeev Mahajan, CEO, Enhance Treatment centers comments, “ The Native indian surgical treatment industry is not only favored by price benefits. A sharp devaluation of rupee too has provided some help. The price of healthcare here ranges from fourth to a tenth of that in innovative nations. Among low price destinations for surgical treatment, Native indian is competing with nations like Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. In the last few months we have witnessed a an explosion in the variety of queries from and also the and NRI. Many of the western sufferers are familiar with Native indian surgeons as many of them are trained there. And many of the Native indian hospitals that attracts international sufferers have outstanding facilities and are accredited by internationally recognized institutes. While individuals from the western come in for liposuction procedures, locks surgery, nose reshaping and throat techniques, sufferers from neighboring regions like Nigeria and African-american normally come in for solving devastating conditions such as eye lid drop and grin surgery treatment.” Contradicting Sanjeev’s observation Dr. Navin Taneja, Director, The National Skin Center feels, “The rate of the and also the or NRIs visiting or making inquiries is more or less the same as it was earlier. For them the Native indian forex has always been less expensive and the operations are costing the same amount. The Native indian forex is cost-effective to them and this has nothing to do with the devaluation of rupee. Our Native indian and international clients rate remains the same as it was before the rupee recession. There are not much inquiries or visits of a foreigner.” However, supporting the reason of rupee recession gaining international visitors, Dr. Anup Dhir, Senior Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital informs, “After the advent of US cost-effective care act, OBAMACARE, US insurance policy providers plans to encourage healthcare travel and leisure.

Native indian is positioned to become a major beneficiary given its price benefits which has risen significantly with the recent drop in rupee’s value. Though surgical treatment is not governed by insurance policy, the trend is already percolating to aesthetic sufferers as most of the techniques now price less in dollar terms, involve short stay and is done on fit sufferers. Most of the sufferers at present are from SAARC nations, African-american and western Asia but travel and leisure from Europe and USA is also likely to pick up as treatment expenses in Native indian are low and has received a boost by a poor rupee. Native indian has a business of 3% in global healthcare travel and leisure and it is bound to grow.” Says Dr. SS Trassi, Dermatologist, Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, “In Native indian there are certified and experienced physicians and and also the are prepared to get the operations from them. and since the rupee is poor it saves a lot of money for them as the price is two times lesser then overseas for any surgery treatment. There have been inquiries from more female and since the joyful and marriage season is not far away more foreigners are looking for operations in Native indian.” While and also the are increasingly rushing to nation for medications, it is boosting the healthcare travel and leisure in Native indian. The techniques are less expensive than their own nations. Where a nose reshaping expenses $10,000 in US, the same surgery treatment in Native indian is $2000. Read more on How to cure rosacea , Dangerous Heart Problems